The Flameless food heater
InstaHot is an innovative food heating solution which enables the user to have hot food, any place anytime. Just Pour water - Heats food - Eat delicious.







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Nitika Aggarwal

You can even have your favourite maggi cooked just like it has been brought down from the flame. Such a handy, innovative and useful product. Its a must buy for travellers


We were visiting Jawai in Rajasthan and had taken this evening Safari across the sacntuary. The safari ended at 7 pm and our children were hungry and grumpy. After a long time we had taken a family trip and we wanted everything to be perfect. That’s when my wife decided that we could give this ready to eat Paneer Tikka Masala with Thepla to the kids. In just ten minutes we made Paneer Tikka using Instahot. The children enjoyed it with thepla and it was really convenient for us. In fact, the children slept off early that night and my wife and I had a pleasant and quiet dinner. This was a memorable trip. I am purchasing it again for our next trip in January. It's a great thing for family trips specially with kids


Made my day for prividing hot dal makhani at minus temperature but had to be extra carefull while handling water can be extremely hot and can burn your hands or lap if not properly handled

Ajay S Karakoti

I ordered this product on Amazon and received it on time. I was actually worried about how safe would the product b given that it boils water instantaneously. I was pleasantly surprised to see the attention to details from an Indian product. It is completely safe and comes with detailed instruction. I used it for warming home made food during my travel and it made a difference to the taste that you get out of the food as now I was eating hot food instead of cold home made food.

Amrish Shah

Superb product, I have ordered 1 pack of 5 pieces They changed packing 3 pieces per pack So they send me 2 pack 6 pieces. So nice of them, Very happy to get 1 free. Product is oawesome while travelling


Good product when you are outside home.very useful.

Martin Sandi

Can use it with ease anywhere

Vaibhav Poddar

Its good product but very expensive