InstaHot - The Flameless Food Heater (Pack of 5)

InstaHot is a flameless heating solution which can be usedduring Travelling, Picnic, Camping, trekking, and emergency relief.

InstaHot - The Flameless food Heater ( Pack of 5)
with Travel Kit

A specially crafted Travelkit which enhance convenience of the user to heat and eat food with InstaHot on the go.

Travel kit includes

  • Mealstrap: for heating Roti/sabji, dal/rice combos only
  • Zip bag: for heating home cooked and dehydrated foods
  • Plates: For Consuming your hot food
  • Spoon: good quality durable
  • Paper napkin: for wiping off hands after meal
  • Garbage Bag: for easy disposal after use