What is InstaHot?

All of us want to seek the hidden gems in nature or the vast cultural heritage of every nook and corner in this work, travel across horizons. But not all these nooks have enough resources to ensure an adequate supply of meals and let's be honest, one can't do much "exploring" on an empty stomach. So would you love to scour your Wanderlust but the long hours of travel with cold food holds you back? Have you been in a dilemma between the age-old teaching of the nutritional benefits of consuming hot food and the time constraints of the hectic hours because let's put it out there, nobody likes cold food.

But why fret when InstaHot is here for your rescue?

So what is InstaHot?
InstaHot is a revolutionary convenient and lightweight outdoor flameless food heater that makes it easy for you to have hot food at any place and any time.

So Why exactly should you use one?
Well while we can go on endlessly about this radical product benefits
Let us list a few just to give you an idea

  1. No flame: the product does not involve any use of fire, making it completely safe to use for anybody and everybody
  2. No Boiling Water Needed: enduring that you don't have to run for a kettle on your wanderlust adventures
  3. Safe & Non-Toxic: The product ensures safety for everybody, and is suitable for all age groups
  4. Easy To Use: A three-step revolution that gets your food ready to eat in no time
  5. Easy To Dispose of The product hardly takes any disposal time to give you a quality experience.
  6. Compact, Convenient, Lightweight: The product does not take extra storage space, you can just pop it in your bag and take it with you anywhere and anytime.

This innovative outdoor food heating solution takes only ten minutes and 70 ml water to start working. There are three simple steps and you can eat your favourite instant or ready to eat food in 10 minutes.

1. Pour
Insert your food packet Pour 70 ml water into InstaHot and place the pouch on a flat surface.

2. Heat
The product will come into action in 45 seconds after you have filled water and put it on the flat surface. The heating then begins and carries forward right up to ten minutes with vapour bubbles filling the inside of the pouch.

3. Eat
Open the pouch and pour the hot food on a plate and start eating instant hot food at your convenience.

So what stops you from consuming delicious hot food anytime anywhere?
You are just a click away from instant hot nutritious food.