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Travel is the soul food we all crave for. However let's be honest, Traveling is even though fascinating is not a lazy man's hobby. Especially when you are visiting remote areas, ironically all the natural gems are located in such places. The long hours of trek to high altitude means no security of food. Carrying homemade food in big tiffins and thermos and eating it before it get cold or spoiled. While travelling, finding a good place to eat and finding your taste there is near to impossible and one can't do much "exploration" on an empty stomach.

While we can’t do much about other aspects, we at least got your tummy covered. Now you can eat the food of your choice at the most scenic destinations you travel.

InstaHot is a revolutionary convenient and lightweight outdoor flameless food heater that makes easy to have hot food at any place and any time that is why it is used all around the globe.

And since we do not like blowing our own trumpet, we would let our reviews convince you for the rest .


Mysore, a city in India's southwestern Karnataka. If you think the beauty of Mysore is restricted to magnificent palaces and other majestic buildings, then you probably have not heard of its hills and lakes.

"InstaHot was introduced to us by one of our common friend and we thought to give it a shot, so we bought a box of InstaHot food heater pack of 3 from their website during our short trip to the outskirts of Mysore city. Hiking is an excruciating sport and we were a bit exhausted, could never think of hot piping food which is self-cooked that too in such an isolated place. We were amazed to see how maggi noodles were cooked in an instant without any need of hot water. It's also very compact and convenient to carry. It's surely going in our backpacks with us on every forthcoming trip." - Suveer, Farheen & Sharan


Gokarna is a town on the Arabian Sea, in the southwestern Indian state of Karnataka

“During one of my stays at Zostel Gokarna, I used InstaHot to prepare my meals. Though there was a cafe in the hostel which was a bit expensive on my side as I was on a budgeted trip. At that time, InstaHot was my saviour as it has very good price and I used it to prepare each of my major meals during the day. I prepared Seviyan (Vermicelli) using InstaHot and also used to heat many ‘ready to eat’ food packets (pav bhaji, palak paneer and chana masala). Food was prepared in no time without any hassle and I was able to enjoy my meals witnessing the beautiful sea. It is very convenient and easy to use at any time, at any place.” - Avani

But do you think we only serve you domestically? Oh hell no, it's an international affair. For aren't Indians known for going to foreign countries and search for Indian food there as well?


While the country needs no introduction here, is what our happy customer has to say.

“I am a pure vegetarian but that has never stopped me from exploring and travelling internationally as well as throughout India. But, it does get difficult at times when you don’t get access to vegetarian food at your destination. My friend and I were in Vietnam and opted for hostel stays most of the time and we didn’t even have a kettle. So I usually make sure that I carry ‘ready to eat’ food packets with me whenever I travel. But this time, having no kettle was the worst. On the bright side, a friend of mine suggested to carry InstaHot along. Thanks to InstaHot due to which we had a cosy breakfast in our bunk beds early morning having instant chai and upma. During the trip, we prepared more chai, upma, paneer tikka masala and poha using just single pack of 5 InstaHot food heater, so I would say it's pretty affordable. Most importantly I'm addicted to Indian masala tea in the morning and InstaHot made it possible. I feel that it greatly improved our travel experience.” - Hetal & Avani

Our next review is from the extreme west, from the sparkling white Ranns of Kutch.


The Great Rann of Kutch is an amazing sight to behold. It is a plain sand with open skies and beautiful views.

“We got to visit this beautiful place but sadly not during the famous "Rann Utsav" so food stalls and eateries were not accessible during our visit. If you want to explore more and spend quality time, amidst the vast land you are supposed to carry your own food. InstaHot (Flameless Food Heater) was suggested by a family friend and we gave it a try. We went to enjoy the beautiful sunrise in dessert and our breakfast was prepared solely using InstaHot food heater. We prepared upma, chai and Maggie using it and surprisingly, it just needed 70ml of normal water and a bit of patience only. InstaHot does come with a beautifully crafted travel kit that includes plates, spoons, and paper napkins. The meal was prepared in no time without any hassle and we had a great time in vast saline land. InstaHot will surely be a part of all our upcoming trips from now onwards." - Pooja, Vrajang & Avani


Zanzari Waterfall is situated on the banks of the river Vatra near the village of Dabha (Bayad taluka of Aravalli district). About 1 km from Bayad, this beautiful place is located at the south of Bayad-Dahegam Road.

"I used InstaHot for my first post covid trip to Zanzari Falls. Eating out these days is a matter of concern in terms of safety. There are no other options but to carry home-cooked food. Using InstaHot I prepared Poha and Chai. Hot, piping, perfectly cooked Poha was ready in no time. I was really happy to enjoy a quick hot meal outdoor for the first time after lockdown. I am happy that instead of carrying thermos and tiffins, I can cook my food anywhere and any time during my outdoor visits. It is very innovative and versatile product." - Kush


Thol Lake is located near Thol village in Kadi in Mehsana district in the Indian state of Gujarat. It was constructed as an irrigation tank in 1912. It is a freshwater lake surrounded by marshes.

"Nature walks and scenic sunrises are a great way to start your day. We got to know about InstaHot on amazon and thought of giving it a try. We made (MTR) Poha and Chai using it. It was sufficient for the two of us using just a single bag of InstaHot. All thanks to InstaHot so that we could enjoy our breakfast in the lap of nature and had a good quality time." - Anuja & Megha


Pangong Tso or Pangong Lake is an endorheic lake spanning eastern Ladakh and West Tibet situated at an elevation of 4,225 m. It is 134 km long and divided into sub lakes called Pangong Tso, Tso Nyak, Rum Tso and Nyak Tso.

"When you are travelling at heights, food is the last priority on your list. With a limited amount of luggage, it becomes very difficult to carry cooked food. Thus on our trip to Pangong lake, InstaHot was a boon to us. We got to know about the product from fellow travellers and we used it to cook Maggie at a height of about 4000m. Eating hot food at 4000m above the ground level was only possible with InstaHot. The experience was surreal indeed." - Hetal & Avani


Mussoorie is a hill station and a municipal board in the Dehradun district of the Indian state of Uttarakhand.

"With the pandemic around the corner, all of us have been sceptical about food and its hygiene, especially on the road trip. While travelling to Mussoorie from Delhi, we decided to take InstaHot with us. On the journey of several hours, we cooked several ‘ready to eat’ meals, from paneer butter masala to pasta and from hot tea to MTR's pulao. We had everything and it was like - our food got wheels suddenly" - Rashni & Avani

So now that you have gone through our testimonials, what are you waiting for?
From Maggie to Sevaiyan to our beloved Chai, we serve it all to you.
Whether you want Maggie for breakfast or poha, you got it all.
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