Family Travelling with InstaHot

Traveling is an incredibly vital part of life and so is food. It is the best way to break your monotonous routine and experience life in different ways and without food, this isn’t possible. While traveling, it is difficult to carry cooked food, and the time when you open it, it’s not any hotter and all the excitement goes away. Hence, InstaHot provides this facility in a very apt and secure way. All you need is normal water and a box of InstaHot. Just Pour, Heat, and Eat. Your food will be ready in no time and it will not just fill your tummy with food but also with happiness- anywhere, anytime.

Reviews which we got when people tried it for the first time

We were visiting Jawai in Rajasthan and had taken this evening Safari across the sanctuary. The safari ended at 7 pm and our children were hungry and grumpy. After a long time, we had taken a family trip and we wanted everything to be perfect. That’s when my wife decided that we could give this ready-to-eat Paneer Tikka Masala with Thepla to the kids. In just ten minutes we made Paneer Tikka using InstaHot. The children enjoyed it with thepla and it was convenient for us. The children slept off early that night and my wife and I had a pleasant and quiet dinner. This was a memorable trip which was only possible due to InstaHot because food is something which always gives a smile on one’s face. I am purchasing it again for our next trip in January. It's a great thing for family trips, especially with kids. - Sumesh & family

We are a ‘Jain’ family and had gone on a vacation with children. Due to traveling, our children got hungry and we were restricted to some things like not eating onions, garlic, and non-vegetarian food so couldn’t eat any outside food. We bought ‘ready to eat’ moong daal halwa with InstaHot and thought of giving it a try. How simple and frugal it was. The ‘halwa’ was ready in just 10 minutes and the instructions given on InstaHot was very clear and easy. Just needed a normal water and a box of InstaHot. Children enjoyed it a lot and we're happy having that delicious 'halwa’. They loved InstaHot and decided to always take it with them while travelling in foreign country as well as in India. Thanks to InstaHot, which made our problem easy in foreign countries where most Indian people have this common problem of food. – Mrs. Anar & family

Anything is good and tasty - anywhere, anytime so stop worrying about the potholes in the road and enjoy the journey with InstaHot. Now what are you waiting for? Start by trying it and you’ll never forget.